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Image by Husna Miskandar

Corporate Programs

We're passionate about having an impact on employee health and happiness in our community.


From fat loss to stress to nutrition.  The Better YOU challenges appeal to the topics employees love.


Every employee receives a personal program as unique as they are. When your plan is personal for your current health and your goals, it’s much more likely to be followed. 


Challenges are 6-8 weeks, making the commitment level appealing.  Plus, challenges are designed for every employee, no matter their fitness level or experience.    


All the challenges are fun, engaging and promote teamwork and social support.

Better YOU Difference

The Better YOU Challenges are different than other programs your employees have tried.  First, we understand.  We know it's hard for employees to balance work and home life.  We know it's hard to prioritize personal wellness.  Second, we remove the three biggest obstacles employees face with their wellness.

Erin M.

"Small simple realistic changes. 80-90% of my meals are right for me. Able to still enjoy the foods I love without the guilt. After 6 weeks, I have the energy to keep up with my son."

John P.

"I joined [SHIFT] for the community aspect of it, to have people who would hold me accountable, to motivate me, to give me the push I would need to help me meet the goals I set for myself.",

"I’ve realized small, consistent steps add up!"

Julie D.

“I was always someone who could do it on their own, battle through, and use my willpower…I learned that it’s not just about the nutrition, exercise, it’s about figuring out why we do what we do!  I’ve found out that I can do so much more than I ever thought, all because of SHIFT!”

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