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What's Your 1% shift?!



Meet  Courtney Mericle, the Founder of SHIFT! Based on her personal struggle and healing, she os on a mission to help women stop the defeat of the diet industry, unlock their inner confidence and create freedom and joy from the inside out!

At SHIFT, we believe sustainable health comes from 1% shifts to our health instead of restrictive dieting or the "all" or "nothing" approaches that are we are plagued with!

We also believe in supporting our clients as a WHOLE human. Therefore our programs are holistic, supporting your mental, emotional, and physical health with proven, supportive, and results-based frameworks.

Myself and my team have helped hundreds of clients be fit, be strong, be confident, and be happier! Are you ready to SHIFT To A Better YOU?

Our Services

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What if you could...

LOVE what and who you see in the mirror?

STOP the frustration that comes from dieting?

REDISCOVER the happiest and healthiest version of yourself?

LIVE a life of confidence and worth?

STOP feeling alone and feel supported in a community?

Is there anyone, or anything, who can give you the answers to these questions?

We can.

We're passionate about having an impact on employee health and happiness in our community.

Employee RESULTS=Engagement

We know your team is busy. That's why our solution includes program management to ensure success with little of your staff's time.

For more information about the services we offer, feel free to contact us today.

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Our Clients Say


I felt defeated before SHIFT.

Not only am I feeling healthier, and the stomach issues I was having prior to SHIFT are gone, I have gained confidence.


This confidence has helped me to be more present with my teenage son, and our relationship is better!


Best investment ever. I've spent thousands of dollars in other programs and have never gotten the consistency, support, and love that I have with this group. I wish I could've found [SHIFT] years ago.

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